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Our Sites

The Military Media Network consist of three main websites, the Army Rumour Service, Navy Net and Rear Party (military families). In addition Military Media’s parent company, Olive Net, has undertaken a range of other internet projects, both internal and for external clients, and some of these are shown in our portfolio.

The Army Rumour Service

The Army Rumour Service, or ‘ARRSE’, is the largest of the Military Media sites.  The site is my far the busiest military community website in the UK, regularly attracts national media attention and is well known throughout the armed forces.

The heart of the Army Rumour Service is its forum area, a collection of discussion boards covering a wide range of topics; military and civil, serious and light hearted.  The most popular topics include current affairs, news, military equipment, finance, gaming and technology.

Users of the Army Rumour Service are mostly young to middle-aged men, of whom approximately one third are serving military, one third ex-military and one third other interested parties, mostly potential recruits.  Full demographic information is available here.

In addition to discussion forums. the Army Rumour Service website has a popular wiki, the ARRSEPedia, a photo gallery, live chat and a reviews area.  The reviews area particularly focuses on military books, clothing and equipment.   A large proportion of visits to the site are on mobile devices, and  both iOS and Android apps are available.

The Army Rumour Service was founded in 2001.

Navy Net

Navy Net is a similar community website to the Army Rumour Service, although of course targeting the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.  The site is the UK’s busiest navy community website and the second largest of the Military Media websites.

Navy Net contains all the same areas as the Army Rumour Service, and community forums form its core.

Navy Net was founded in 2006 under the name Rum Ration, which is still in common use.

Rear Party

Rear Party is the little sister of the Army and Navy sites and is used by military families and in particular wives and girlfriends of service personnel.   The name derives from the military term for the group who remain at home in barracks when a military unit is deployed on operations.  Like the Army Rumour Service and Navy Net, the site is based around a set of discussion forums, with additional features such as a photo gallery and live chat.

Rear Party was founded in 2006.


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