Advertising Overview

The Military Media sites offer a wide range of opportunities for engaging with the military and their families. We have experience of campaigns of all types, from a simple display advertising campaign to promote a brand or service, through to complex co-ordinated campaigns with full social interaction with our users.

There are two main routes to taking advantage of our promotional services:

  1. Larger advertisers and agencies: Please contact us for our rates card and media pack
  2. Suitable for smaller advertisers and simple campaigns: Discount ‘DiY’ display advertising using through

Campaign Types

We offer a broad range of campaign types.  These include:

  • Display advertising (banners)
  • Link placement
  • Sponsored content
  • EMail marketing, as part of our regular newsletters
  • Editorial content
  • Product and book reviews (normally without charge)

Demographics and Usage

Full demographic information from independent provider Quantcast is available here, or for a quick overview see our demographics page.

Site usage statistics are also available from Quantcast or from Google Analytics on request.

Military Audience

The military usage of our sites is approximately 1/3 UK serving, 1/3 UK ex-serving and 1/3 others (overseas military, potential recruits and interested parties)

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