About Us

About Us

Military Media

Military Media describes the core websites of Olive Net Ltd. ┬áThe Military Media sites together form Olive Net’s publishing portfolio and the focus of its work.

The Military Media websites include:

  • The Army Rumour Service. A hugely popular community forum and military wiki (online encyclopaedia) with a reviews section and photo gallery. One of the UK’s largest community websites.
  • Navy Net. A lively navy community similar to the Army Rumour Service. The UK’s biggest navy community website.
  • Rear Party. A smaller community forum for HM Forces friends and family, mainly wives and girlfriends.

Olive Net Ltd

Olive Net grew from the Army Rumour Service which is still the largest of our websites. As well as running the Military Media and associated websites, Olive Net undertakes a range of web development work and consultancy for external clients.

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